Is Facebook Messenger Better Than Email?

Email marketing has been the life blood of business sales for over a decade.  Getting creative with emails, using quality, educational and entertaining content along with attractive deals have been the strategy to increase the amount of opens, clicks and conversions. A times it can be a mystery as to why people react to an email and why they don’t but typically you can attribute it to how you’ve conditioned your customer.

As of recently we’ve been experimenting with Facebook Messenger.  With promise of ultra-high open rates and click rates, it was worth a shot.  Over the course of 3 months, we noticed a 75% open rate and a 23% click rate on our messages (email average is 20% open and 7% click)…..but it gets even better.  We have been using Messenger to engage one on one with customers to help them find the right product or learn more about the health and fitness world we serve. We are very willing to share our expertise with potential customers and ultimately get them to be associated with our brand.

Facebook cautions broadcasters to limit promotional type messages, although as any good marketer knows, if you are engaging your customers regularly with “free content” the law of reciprocity typically provides. 

Will messenger replace email?  Probably not, but we can say that it’s a great add on and a very strong way to stay in front of your customers.  

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