We don’t just consult, we do the work too.

What Differentiates Pinnacle

The Sports Nutrition industry has changed dramatically with the internet and even more so in the last 5 years with the emergence of market place sites.  Resources have expanded where the companies that have adapted quickly have grown exponentially and companies that have been slow to change have collapsed. Meanwhile, new companies work relentlessly to figure out how to balance effective strategies to satisfy all channels of the market (believe it or not, it’s possible).

This was the seed to launch Pinnacle Brand Management.  Companies would love to hire an in-house person to balance the brand between Ecommerce, Brick and Mortar, Big Box Stores and Direct to Consumer, but a qualified individual would run you north of $200,000 in company costs between payroll and other benefits.

Pinnacle Brand Management has developed systems to manage multiple sales channels of any Sports Nutrition Brand by scaling each relationship and the use of proprietary management tools.  By the installation of these systems, Pinnacle can guide your brand to grow sales and create consistent cost-effective marketing, at a mere fraction of what it would cost to bring a C-Level strategist that may only excel in one channel of the business.

“We don’t just consult, we do the work too.”  From managing large ecommerce sites, building monthly marketing and promotional campaigns to developing content and relationships with retail buyers, we consider ourselves a one-stop-shop for Sports Nutrition sales and marketing.