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With over 20 years of experience, Pinnacle has cultivated relationships with owners, purchasers and other C-level personnel at the major e-retail stores (, Muscle & Strength, iHerb, Lucky Vitamin, Tiger Fitness, A1 Supplements, DPS Nutrition, and more) in addition to large distributors such as Europa. Each company has a unique method to purchasing, promotions, etc.

You can rely on Pinnacle to service these accounts or you can keep them in house and have them serviced by your own sales team.

In addition, as leads come in from the bi-weekly email blasts, Pinnacle can also service these accounts if needed.

*Please note, just because Pinnacle has these existing relationships doesn’t necessarily mean your brand will immediately be brought in. However, it does mean your brand will be presented and we will take any feedback we need to get your brand on their site or into their store.

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