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Where did your BIG POs go?

It’s not too late!  The show isn’t over!  You can still get those massive PO’s you were use to from the big specialty stores and websites, but where?  Certainly not distribution, right? I mean, your big POs from distribution stopped 5 years ago at the same time it did in specialty stores and it wasn’t […]

How to Sell on Amazon

The formula constantly changes.  By the time you read this, our philosophy for sales success on one of the largest market place sites may be obsolete, however, simply put, basic economics can help you master this important channel. Just like any other retail shop or web store, product doesn’t just sell itself.  By being listed […]

How to Adopt a Direct to Consumer Model?

First, why in the world would you want to establish a direct to consumer model?  Selling single units on your website and amazon definitely won’t pay the bills, right?  No it won’t, unless you can sell single units to thousands at a time. So why do it?  First, in any consumer product, it’s about creating […]

Is it Possible to Sell a Clinically Dosed Product?

In the Sports Nutrition industry, creating a clinically dosed product is the right thing to do.  You can go to sleep at night knowing your customers are getting a quality product without fillers or small quantities of effective ingredients.  However, to create products like this you either have to be prepared to operate on small […]

Reverse Engineer Your Cost Of Goods

Bringing a sports nutrition product to market requires more than just a good formulation.  Some of the best formulated products don’t even make it through their MOQ’s before they hit expiration dates.  Why is this?  If I make the best product the market has ever seen, what’s the hold up? Too many new companies try […]

How to Execute Video Content

Just use your iphone and have a muscular sales rep give a 2 minute pitch on the taste and price of your products.  WRONG!! Brands take the time to strategically formulate products and price them appropriately, they should use the same strategic approach when creating video content.   Let’s face it, the target audience are […]