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Stop Forcing Product Into Retail!

The single biggest factor to the growth of Pinnacle Brand Management in the last 3 years has been the fact that brands are waking up.  Owners, Presidents and Sales Managers have grown over exhausted with attempting to use the same tactics of selling with decreasing sales results.  Where Pinnacle has grown the most is on […]

Find Your Niche

I think we are all sick of everyone talking about how oversaturated the market is.  In our current landscape brands can be launched with very little investment and the pot of consumers are being spread entirely too thin.  You can either give up or you can narrow your focus to a niche that has potential. […]

Sales Funnel 101

Sales funnels are all the rage.  We have brand owners and CEOs asking us about eCommerce sales funnels not knowing what they are or how they work, but they know it’s something that is crucial to their direct to consumer success…..and they’re right.   Identify the Audience Everyone seems to understand the funnel concept.  The top […]

International Products and The USA

A large portion of our business is dealing with and representing international brands in the USA.  The largest untapped market for most international brands is the USA with plenty of opportunity still available.  Breaking into the US market comes with its own share of challenges including “Americanizing” your marketing and refining your sales strategy to […]

Is Facebook Messenger Better Than Email?

Email marketing has been the life blood of business sales for over a decade.  Getting creative with emails, using quality, educational and entertaining content along with attractive deals have been the strategy to increase the amount of opens, clicks and conversions. A times it can be a mystery as to why people react to an […]

Find Your Target Customer

I believe we always need to be targeting the end consumer.  Whether you are a retail specific brand or direct to consumer, your marketing needs to be focused on the person that will be using your product.   That being said, how do you find out exactly who your customer is so you can run your […]

Where did your BIG POs go?

It’s not too late!  The show isn’t over!  You can still get those massive PO’s you were use to from the big specialty stores and websites, but where?  Certainly not distribution, right? I mean, your big POs from distribution stopped 5 years ago at the same time it did in specialty stores and it wasn’t […]

How to Sell on Amazon

The formula constantly changes.  By the time you read this, our philosophy for sales success on one of the largest market place sites may be obsolete, however, simply put, basic economics can help you master this important channel. Just like any other retail shop or web store, product doesn’t just sell itself.  By being listed […]

How to Adopt a Direct to Consumer Model?

First, why in the world would you want to establish a direct to consumer model?  Selling single units on your website and amazon definitely won’t pay the bills, right?  No it won’t, unless you can sell single units to thousands at a time. So why do it?  First, in any consumer product, it’s about creating […]