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Return Expectations for Digital Ads

Many clients ask us, “How quickly….” or “How much….” can we expect in return from our digital efforts?  Unfortunately, the answer is never clear cut and quite challenging to forecast without a few things. To answer this question properly you need a foundation of repeated ad campaigns with consistent budgets, audiences, content, and events. Much […]

Work Your Database

In the 5 years that I have been managing Pinnacle Brand Management, the success of our clients has been largely based on the size and quality of their DTC database.  Well managed, segmented and accurate email lists is the key to digital marketing success when selling Direct to Consumer on your own website. The clients […]

Theories on Goal Setting

Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry, one that I profit from, yet a large percentage of people including customers of mine try and fail all of the time. 

5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Email is one of the highest delivering platforms available for our industry.  It produces, on average, 38 dollars for every dollar spent according to Campaign Monitor.  Ok, great! Grab a bunch of email addresses and start sending them messages, right?  Not so fast. Here are a few tips for successful campaigns. Don’t buy your email […]