Business to Business

Let us connect you to retailers!

We’ll drive sales for you!

We use your nationwide database of retailers (Brick & Mortar, E-Retail, Amazon 3rd party) to drive sales. This eliminates the need for an outside sales rep and it casts a large net to retailers consistently.

Campaigns are designed, organized and scheduled by Pinnacle’s team and you will have a direct hand in approving marketing campaigns with the help of Pinnacle industry wide marketing experience. The campaigns coincide with your entire business’ monthly marketing plans and are scheduled 60 days in advance to allow for any modifications leading up.

Once campaigns have gone into a reoccurring cycle, brands can expect anywhere from 4-20 B2B orders per email blast ranging from $500-$5,000 per order!

*Please note that each brand is different and amount of products in range, aggressiveness of promotions, and consumer interest will play a major role in results.

While Pinnacle cannot guarantee results, we’re determined to put you in the most optimal position to gain new accounts and receive orders.

Grow Retail Partnerships

Utilize our Nationwide Network of Buyers

Increase Brand Visibility

Consistent Scheduled Marketing


Zero in on Promotions that Work

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