Business to Consumer

Drive traffic for lead generation.

Add More Leads &
Market to Them

Pinnacle works to generate more qualified leads. Whether it be through social media or direct email capture, we gather qualified prospects to buy your products. We generate leads through social media captures or utilizing tools like Google AdWords and Adroll to drive traffic back to your website.

So here’s the process; once we compile a database of e-mail addresses, our team can run bi-weekly email blasts direct to consumer. Once we get Facebook and/or Instagram followers, we can run the same bi-weekly campaigns via Facebook/Instagram. Once we generate traffic back to the site, we can run digital retargeting campaigns….and the cycle grows.

In order to get customers interested in your brand, we have to develop content, then effectively use the content to drive traffic to your website.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is done through social media captures or by driving traffic to your site with tools like Google AdWords.

E-mail Marketing

Increase consumer demand and develop retail relationships through targeted email communication.

Content Strategy

We consult on digital, video, and email communications that target the end consumer.

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