Work Your Database

In the 5 years that I have been managing Pinnacle Brand Management, the success of our clients has been largely based on the size and quality of their DTC database. 

Well managed, segmented and accurate email lists is the key to digital marketing success when selling Direct to Consumer on your own website.

The clients that have seen quick success are the ones that can export us a list of verified buyers from their website. The larger the list, the larger the sales success.  Even better if they can segment the lists by specific item purchased.  Other clients, ones with smaller lists, we’ve had to grind our way through, coming up with unique customer acquisition strategies to grow the list to a point where our digital marketing efforts can work.

The clients that have sent us unsegmented lists, or just a basic email list dump, have struggled.  A large list of random email addresses without any point of reference (like a common link of purchasing on your site) muddies the data and makes it exceedingly difficult for algorithms to pinpoint who you are looking for.

Tools like Facebook Business manager are great, especially if you can give it enough data to be able to replicate large and strong look-a-like audiences. 

If your current verified buyer email lists aren’t generating you new business, then you are missing a massive opportunity.

How to Execute Video Content

Just use your iphone and have a muscular sales rep give a 2 minute pitch on the taste and price of your products.  WRONG!!

Brands take the time to strategically formulate products and price them appropriately, they should use the same strategic approach when creating video content.  

Let’s face it, the target audience are the millennials.  They are conditioned to know the difference between a commercial and a quality piece of content within about 4 seconds.  So how do you create video that creates brand awareness, pitches your product but doesn’t come off like a commercial?  Follow these simple steps;

  1. Make the video entertaining.  The more entertaining it is, the greater chance they continue to watch, subscribe, share or buy.
  2. Make the video unique.  As a connoisseur of fitness/sports supplement videos, I’ve seen probably ten thousand shoulder workout videos.  Do something no one has done before.
  3. Shoot it professionally.  Have a high quality camera, video team, sound recording equipment, lighting, etc.  Also, professional edits, with music and graphics are an absolute necessity. With so much high quality video on the internet, we need to meet the viewers expectations.
  4. Use a balance of reality, scripted, vlog and B-roll.  
  5. Strategic product or brand placement is the way to go.  Keep it subtle, everyone knows what you’re in the business to sell.  Something as simple as a branded shirt, water bottle or shaker may just be enough to convert to sales.

I have always admired the YouTube channels of and Muscle & Strength.  It’s clear they have done their due diligence on what type of videos resonate with the consumer.

If you’re looking to try to come up with a plan for video, start your research with those two YouTube channels.